Made In Australia
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Kfibre Single Pack 2020 medium
  • 100% Australian Made
  • Australian Researched

  • 100% Australian Jobs

  • All Natural

  • No Allergens

Made In Australia
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What can Kfibre help?

Normalise your Digestion

Relieve your Dietary Constipation

Relief from dietary Indigestion and Heartburn

Weight Management

Diet assist for gluten & FODMAP sensitive

Let us Introduce

Dr Dingle from Gut Health Australia

Gut Health Science, Stories and Solutions for Australians.

For some background, the good Doc is a gut health researcher with decades of experience in health. Kfibre and Dr Dingle have been assisting each other going forwards as we complement each other’s knowledge and experience. Check out Dr Dingles Facebook Group Today

Visit Dr Dingle’s Facebook Page

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