Kfibre has ongoing research for use as a prebiotic to improve general microbiome health. We are also working on targeted research trials studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of Kfibre on specific gut health conditions.

KFSU only makes dietary support claims for Kfibre; however, we are currently underway with a research trial to demonstrate the function of Kfibre to assist with indigestion and acid reflux, both acute and chronic. There are many anecdotal testimonials of reduced dietary indigestion and acid reflux while using Kfibre and this trial will put these reports to the test and confirm via an independent gastrointestinal clinic, overseen by our University of Tasmania research team. The value of a natural option for acid reflux management is important and we eagerly await the results. 

Kfibre is also preparing for a larger scope trial that focuses on the microbiome level gut anti-inflammatory function. This study will track and will record a multitude of biomarkers associated with inflammation and gut health. This study will assist in determining the biochemical mechanism of how Kfibre works, as well as confirm the anecdotal reports. 

A function of gut health inflammation trial will also monitor the weight loss outcomes already recorded in a previous study whereby subjects on Kfibre lost between 57-70% more weight in a diet study than those not on Kfibre. This study will aim to replicate those results and provide information on the mechanisms going forward. 

Ongoing research and clinical evidence to support our product is part of the culture supporting Kfibre. Please contact us or submit a testimonial to tell us about your experience using Kfibre.

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