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Weight Loss


I just wanted to touch base with you. Wanted to thank you for sending me those samples of Kfibre. I feel great and overall have lost weight and in general have more energy. Took me a while to start it but glad I did. Also, just wanted to continue to keep the lines of communication open with you. Our scheduling topics are liberal and I don’t see an issue getting you matched up with our programing when KFSU is ready for the American market.

Best regards, Ken Sawyer Senior Producer "INNOVATIONS with Ed Begley Jr" USA


Dear Janine

Thank you so much for the free sample you gave me, I built myself up to the 2 tablespoons a day that you suggested before my meals...…my meal portions have dropped in half and I have lost weight. So so happy and I feel so much better!

 Let me thank you again.

Warm Regards C James, Brisbane


I read the weight loss trials and thought it sounded too good to be true but I would give it a go as I have been struggling with my weight since my second baby.

 I am glad I did it took a bit of getting use to but it really works I take a heaped teaspoon before each meal and it cuts my appetite way down thank you for that.

 A happy Mum C McKenzie Sydney


KFSU I was given a pack of Kfibre by a friend during your 2 for 1 sale…she is now my new best friend!

I have Kfibre in a glass of water before my Oats in the morning, I have to remind myself to have lunch. I am just not hungry it’s unbelievable! I have just started taking it before dinner.

Keep up the good work

F Smith, Townsville


Acid Reflux/GORD 

Dear Sir,

I have recently started taking your product Kfibre to try and alleviate my acid reflux and have found that it works very well for this purpose.   I have in the past taken medication and antacids (Tums, Mylanta) with limited success.

I have also in the past been taking a fibre product (Psyllium Husk) and found that this did not contribute to relieving my acid reflux.

Thank you for supplying a product that not only assists with my Acid Reflux but I feel adds to my general gut health as well.

Yours sincerely G Fracchia


Dear Sir or Madam,

I have medically diagnosed GORD (Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease).  I have had limited relief from prescribed medications and I have suffered from this condition for many years.  Not only have the prescribed medications produced poor results, in November 2012, I was advised by my GP to reduce my reliance of these medications.

It was recommended that I try your product Kfibre for relief from my significant GORD related discomfort.  I started mixing half a tablespoon of Kfibre in a small tub of yoghurt and having it for breakfast. Within 2-3 days of commencing use of your product, my symptoms of GORD had reduced significantly. It is now six months later and I continue to use Kfibre as a preventative strategy.  On the odd occasion I do get some reflux, on your recommendation I put a teaspoon of Kfibre in half a glass of water. Within 10 minutes of drinking the Kfibre water, all symptoms are gone.  I strongly endorse Kfibre for anyone suffering from GORD as it works and continues to work for me. After continuing use of Kfibre I no longer require prescription medication to manage my GORD.

I have also introduced Kfibre to my husband when on the odd occasion he suffers heartburn (usually after consuming chilli or spicy food).  He also mixes a teaspoon of Kfibre in half a glass of water. After drinking this water with Kfibre, he experiences almost instant relief.

Thank you for your wonderful product!

Yours sincerely, Donna Wales


Dear Sir,

I  write  on  behalf  of  a  92  year  old relative  who  lives  in  Yarraman,  Qld.  Last year  she was  not  well  at  all,  complaining  of  acid  reflux,  which  has troubled  her  for many  years, and all the treatments  she has been given have not been successful.

Her GP gave  her  a  sample  of Kfibre to  use  for her bowel  problems -  she had  used Movicol,  Coloxyl with  Senna and  had tried  Psyllium  Husk on breakfast  cereal  with  limited  help.  Kfibre proved to work well.

We  bought  a  packet  of  Kfibre  and  posted  it  to  Myrtle  and  it  didn't  take  long  for her to call us to tell  us  how  much  relief she had and would  we  send her  2  more  packets.  We  did, and  on  arriving  home  from  Townsville  there  was  a  message on  the  phone to  please send  her  another  two  packets.  She is  thrilled  that  Kfibre assists with the Acid  Reflux problem,  but  also  her  general  health  is  so  much  better  and  she  is  now  able  to  have  a  good night's  sleep.  She will continue to use the Kfibre.

Yours Sincerely, Jim Scott

In reference to your product Kfibre, made by KFSU, I am using this powder in particular for acid reflux that I get quite often.  I've been taking the product now for about three weeks, and I found relief from the reflux problem almost immediately.

 I was taking a doctor prescribed medication for reflux for a number of years, and I can honestly say that the Kfibre product is giving me greater relief than the medication. Well done.  I hope that eventually you are able to sell this product online and I will be a regular buyer.  I would also recommend it to others with the same problem. 

 Regards L. Mee


Thanks for your great product, I have suffered Acid Reflux for years and have been taking meds which no longer give me full time relief, I visited my chemist whilst on holidays, he suggested that I try Kfibre.

I started with 1/2 tspn ok Kfibre in a glass of water and for the first time in months I had a full night’s sleep, I was delighted and very excited as I have been miserable for so long I thought I would never have a full night’s sleep again.  I now take one tspn at night in my herbal tea and also add 1 tablespoon to my bread mix which I make every day. I sing the praises to all my friends. I can’t thank you enough for Kfibre as the difference it has made to me is incredible.

F Beattie


 Regularity Issues Adult/Children - IBS - Diverticulitis "Children must be on Solids"

Dear Kelly,

Thank You for introducing me to Kfibre. For years I have had a serious problem with Diverticulitis (Bowel Problem), all the previous liquid, pills and fibre medications prescribed for me have not had any effect to help this situation. Kfibre seems to have a solution for my system, I have been taking it for several months, with Positive Results.  I had given up hope of finding any relief, and it seems with Kfibre I am on the Right Track. Hopefully Kfibre will be available in the U.S. Market soon.

 Sincerely, Sheila A. Munro Moss U.S.A

Hi Gordon

This is all very basic information, and hopefully you don’t think I am weird reporting on such matters.....I brought a packet over to Panama where our 3 year old grandson is living. He has always had a bit of a problem with constipation, and it has made life a bit miserable for him.

 I started with 1/4 teaspoon on day four of no movement. Nothing day one, so we upped the ante, and gave him a full loaded teaspoon, and he is living a different life. We put it in his yoghurt daily.

 So, I am most grateful that we met and that you were so generous. Hope all goes well, and perhaps we will cross paths again. Can you advise if the product is available in WA??

 Warm regardsLinda



After years of digestive problems and symptoms caused from IBS, I found Kfibre the answer to my problems. Not only does it stop my reflux and bloating it also suppresses my appetite and keeps me regular. I take it once a day but if I have been on holidays I take it twice a day to get my body back to normal.

 L Achurra, Ayr


I had been using Kfibre for some time and hadn’t really been aware of any dramatic impact upon my health.  However, when I stopped using it for a short while I suddenly became aware of how regular my bowel movements had been while on this product and how sluggish my digestive system became when I stopped using Kfibre.

 I am a bit remiss in relation to having breakfast in the mornings when I am in a hurry and I found that when I had taken the Kfibre first thing (which I usually have in water) I did not crave snack food mid-morning but was quite content until lunch time.

 Many friends and family members have commented upon how well I have been looking over the past few months therefore I will definitely continue using Kfibre and will recommend it to others.

P Friel Hervey Bay


Absolutely love it, since my surgery on my knee, they used an epidural and froze all my nether bits I had trouble with my bowels was always constipated but since using Kfibre I am back to normal. My blood pressure is stable and also my blood sugar is down to normal, so win win

H O’Brien, Ayr


To Whom It May Concern

 I would like to express my deepest thanks to your company KFSU.  Having had several surgeries in the past 12 months.  I found that I had trouble going to the toilet as a result of all the medications. A friend told me about your company and your product. I have been using your fibre for several months now and couldn’t be happier.  Not only am I have regular, but I also have more energy due to not having a sluggish bowel.

I really cannot thank you enough. K Hamilton, Cairns