Research Overview

Health Food Symmetry Pty Ltd (HFS) is an Australian owned specialty health & medical food supplier that manufactures & researches functional ingredients for the global health and food industries, HFS has recently acquired the assets of KFSU LTD including processing, research and IP including the following areas and more ;

  • Microbiome changes & SCFA synthesis linked to immune support
  • Relief from dietary indigestion & heartburn
  • Assistance to bowel movements and digestive experience
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties & antioxidants
  • Weight loss: due to the GI lowering properties, microbiome, satiety and ghrelin hormone changes backed by a 90-person weight loss study.
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Microbiome : Immune Function & Short Chain Fatty Acids

Physiological roles and functions in the body. One specific SCFA, butyric acid is important for the colon as it is the primary energy source of colonic cells and linked to its normal function. Additionally, SCFA’s act as a link between the microbiota and the immune system by modulating difference aspect of immune cell development, survival and activation.
To study the SCFA potential, fermentation trials designed to understand the digestion and fermentability of Kfibre were carried out by the University of QLD “When compared with barley, rye and wheat, Kfibre produced much higher proportions of the SCFA butyric acid” (Comino, Williams, & Gidley, 2018).

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Indigestion & Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux and related indigestion is a dietary outcome suffered by many individuals at some point in their lives, with some estimates suggesting 60-70% of the population suffering from reflux in any 12-month period.

A clinical study of 40 participants experiencing reflux for the first time was carried out to determine how effective Kfibre is for dietary indigestion and reflux after many anecdotal reports.

The investigation into the effects of Kfibre through a pilot randomised, placebo-controlled trial showed a significant reduction in self-reported reflux symptoms after 3 weeks of consumption.

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Constipation & Digestive Regularity

Everyone knows we need fibre in our diets for normal digestion and Kfibre packs more fibre punch than any other source out there. It’s made of soluble and importantly insoluble fibre that is both prebiotic; indigestible to you, but digestible by your gut bacteria. When your body is moving waste through at a healthy rate and your bacteria are happily digesting these prebiotics your body you will know the difference.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Colitis studies

We’ve all experienced some form of indigestion or heartburn at some point. The familiar burning sensation, pain in the chest, and the sour taste in the mouth.

Kfibre™ contains a powerful combination of phytonutrients, antioxidants, powerful plant micronutrients to promote healthy digestion and relieve the symptoms of indigestion & heartburn.

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Weight Management & Appetite Control

KFSU Ltd. has completed a 90 subject weight loss study that demonstrates significantly improved outcomes for a weight loss program that included Kfibre compared to a control group.

On an 8-week program the weight loss recorded for females in the control group was 5.7 kgs, and for the Kfibre group it was 10.06kg.

“Outcome of the use of Kfibre against not using Kfibre and comparing weight loss” by Marissa Pilla – Pharmacist N.H.A.A / P.S.A / A.A.C.P / S.M.A. Published 14 Feb 2014.

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Low FODMAP Certified

The origin plant for Kfibre is sugarcane. Kfibre removes almost all the sugar content while retaining the phytonutrients and minerals through its unique manufacturing process. Kfibre has low sucrose content and has been independently certified as FODMAP Friendly.

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General Modes of Action

  • Prebiotic
  • Short Chain Fatty Acids
  • Effects on general metabolism
  • Modulation of the microbiome
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