How we’ve helped with Constipation

I brought a packet over to Panama where our 3-year-old grandson is living

Hi Gordon

This is all very basic information, and hopefully you don’t think I am weird reporting on such matters…..

I brought a packet over to Panama where our 3-year-old grandson is living. He has always had a bit of a problem with constipation, and it has made life a bit miserable for him.

I started with 1/4 teaspoon on day four of no movement. Nothing day one, so we upped the ante, and gave him a full loaded teaspoon, and he is living a different life. We put it in his yoghurt daily.

So, I am most grateful that we met and that you were so generous.

Hope all goes well, and perhaps we will cross paths again.

Warm regards


I had trouble going to the toilet as a result of all the medications

To Whom It May Concern

I would like to express my deepest thanks to your company Kfibre. Having had several surgeries in the past 12 months. I found that I had trouble going to the toilet as a result of all the medications.

A friend told me about your company and your product. I have been using your fibre for several months now and couldn’t be happier. Not only am I have regular, but I also have more energy due to not having a sluggish bowel.

I really cannot thank you enough.

Most kind regards

K Hamilton

I bought Kfibre to keep me regular

To be truthful, I started to use Kfibre but then I stopped, was busy and skipping breakfast. I am now back on track and using Kfibre on my breakfast most mornings.

At first I was unsure about it as it is very powdery and I seemed to be getting it everywhere. I have worked out a method as not to have it all over my bench.

I have it on my muesli and also use it when I have my puree, yoghurt & granola for breakfast. I am slowly getting use it to the taste now that I have increased my intake from a couple of teaspoons to a tablespoon.

The reason I bought Kfibre was to keep me regular (bowel) as I have had problems for years with constipation, since using Kfibre over the past 2-3 weeks I am not having any problems at all and have been regular for the first time in years.

I have also found that Kfibre keeps me fuller for longer, so I not snacking mid morning, which is great as trying to shed my winter kilos.


I had been using Kfibre for some time

I had been using Kfibre for some time and hadn’t really been aware of any dramatic impact upon my health. However, when I stopped using it for a short while I suddenly became aware of how regular my bowel movements had been while on this product and how sluggish my digestive system became when I stopped using Kfibre.

I am a bit remiss in relation to having breakfast in the mornings when I am in a hurry and I found that when I had taken the Kfibre first thing (which I usually have in water) I did not crave snack food mid-morning but was quite content until lunch time.

Many friends and family members have commented upon how well I have been looking over the past few months therefore I will definitely continue using Kfibre and will recommend it to others.

Patricia Friel, Hervey

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