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For years I have had a serious problem with Diverticulitis

Dear Kelly,

Thank You for introducing me to Kfibre. For years I have had a serious problem with Diverticulitis (Bowel Problem), all the previous liquid, pills and fibre medications prescribed for me have not had any effect to help this situation.

Kfibre seems to have a solution for my system, I have been taking it for several months, with Positive Results. I had given up hope of finding any relief, and it seems with Kfibre I am on the Right Track.

Hopefully Kfibre will be available in the U.S. Market soon.


Sheila A. Munro Moss


Kfibre is our insurance policy against gluten

My eldest daughter was diagnosed celiac in 2011 and in 2012 we began… incorporating Kfibre into her diet.

Overtime she has at the odd time accidentally became in contact or consumed gluten and no side effects. In fact both my children are celiac.

Kfibre is our insurance policy against gluten.

F Mugica

Ayr, QLD

I have medically diagnosed GORD

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have medically diagnosed GORD (Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease). I have had limited relief from prescribed medications and I have suffered from this condition for many years. Not only have the prescribed medications produced poor results, in November 2012, I was advised by my GP to reduce my reliance of these medications.

It was recommended that I try your product Kfibre for relief from my significant GORD related discomfort. I started mixing half a tablespoon of Kfibre in a small tub of yoghurt and having it for breakfast. Within 2-3 days of commencing use of your product, my symptoms of GORD had reduced significantly. It is now six months later and I continue to use Kfibre as a preventative strategy. On the odd occasion I do get some reflux, on your recommendation I put a teaspoon of Kfibre in half a glass of water. Within 10 minutes of drinking the Kfibre water, all symptoms are gone. I strongly endorse Kfibre for anyone suffering from GORD as it works and continues to work for me. After continuing use of Kfibre I no longer require prescription medication to manage my GORD.

I have also introduced Kfibre to my husband when on the odd occasion he suffers heartburn (usually after consuming chilli or spicy food). He also mixes a teaspoon of Kfibre in half a glass of water. After drinking this water with Kfibre, he experiences almost instant relief.

Thank you for your wonderful product!

Yours sincerely,

Donna Wales

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