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My meal portions have dropped in half

Dear Janine

Thank you so much for the free sample you gave me, I built myself up to the 2 tablespoons that you suggested before my meals. My meal portions have dropped in half and I have lost weight. So so happy and I feel so much better

Let me thank you again.

Warm Regards

C James, Brisbane

Kfibre takes the edge off appetite

To whom it may concern

My husband and I have been using Kfibre. I have been using the Kfibre for 3 years. I have found it beneficial for general wellbeing. I feel that fibre is important in the diet. My husband has been taking the Kfibre for 7months as he is losing weight. He finds the Kfibre takes the edge off his appetite.

B. McClelland. Julatten

Kfibre is the single most health giving product in my entire Pharmacy

We have sold Kfibre at Babinda Pharmacy for about 8 years. Kfibre is the single most health giving product in my entire Pharmacy.

The only thing better is exercise.

Pharmacist L Musumeci

30 May 20

I was given a pack of Kfibre by a friend during your 2 for 1 sale

I was given a pack of Kfibre by a friend during your 2 for 1 sale…she is now my new best friend!

I have Kfibre in a glass of water before my Oats in the morning, I have to remind myself to have lunch.

I am just not hungry it’s unbelievable!

I have just started taking it before dinner.

Keep up the good work

F Smith, Townsville

I bought Kfibre to keep me regular

To be truthful, I started to use Kfibre but then I stopped, was busy and skipping breakfast. I am now back on track and using Kfibre on my breakfast most mornings.

At first I was unsure about it as it is very powdery and I seemed to be getting it everywhere. I have worked out a method as not to have it all over my bench.

I have it on my muesli and also use it when I have my puree, yoghurt & granola for breakfast. I am slowly getting use it to the taste now that I have increased my intake from a couple of teaspoons to a tablespoon.

The reason I bought Kfibre was to keep me regular (bowel) as I have had problems for years with constipation, since using Kfibre over the past 2-3 weeks I am not having any problems at all and have been regular for the first time in years.

I have also found that Kfibre keeps me fuller for longer, so I not snacking mid morning, which is great as trying to shed my winter kilos.


I feel great overall

This is an amazing product…I wouldn’t be without it.

Reflux issues are gone, I’m nice and regular and have also lost a few kilos.

I’ve been purchasing the four pack which is postage free. Easy Peasy!

A Weston

18 May 20

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