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Kfibre is a natural, complex, raw un-purified prebiotic dietary fibre for gut health management and microbiome/immune support containing active phytonutrients & antioxidants and that equals pure prebiotic power for all stages of life and diets, this includes children on solids to our Great-Grandparents. And everyone in between.

It’s that good we do not need to hide behind flavours and additives! That’s not what Kfibre is about! 

So, if you live with bloating, indigestion or heartburn, constipation, FODMAP, or food intolerances (Kfibre has no known allergens) that keep you from an optimal healthy digestion or wish to lose a little weight then Kfibre is for you.

Look around our website and see why it is a game changer in microbiome/immune health!

Proudly Australian Made and owned.

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What can Kfibre help?

Normalise your Digestion

Relieve your Dietary Constipation

Relief from dietary Indigestion and Heartburn

Weight Management

Diet assist for gluten & FODMAP sensitive

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Here at Kfibre, we know the importance of having good gut health and why getting the best prebiotic is just as crucial as a probiotic. With modern lifestyles, processed food and eating “on the go”, many people suffer from acid reflux, leaky gut and other digestive issues. We offer a superb natural reflux remedy which will quickly ease any discomfort and relieve your symptoms. In addition, our leaky gut supplements, weight loss supplements, microbiome supplements and immune-boosting supplements can also help to restore your health and wellbeing.

We all know that it is vital that we consume enough fibre. However, the majority of us don’t get enough from our food. Getting the best dietary fibre such as FODMAP Fibre is essential not only for our gut health but also for maintaining a healthy weight and our cardiovascular health. Any good quality prebiotic dietary fibre will have a substantial impact on reducing cholesterol and improving your general health, giving you more energy to enjoy the things that you love.

When it comes to gut health supplements and maintaining gut microbiome, the options available are endless. Knowing where to start and which ones actually do what they claim can be a challenge, and that is why you must receive the right advice from people that you can trust. We are a proud Australian owned and managed company and believe in good old fashioned values. We offer quality products at the right price. Our raw un-purified prebiotic dietary fibre is packed with everything you need and even tastes great too!

If you have been living with indigestion or heartburn, our natural reflux remedy will help you to return to optimal health and the same is also true for our leaky gut supplements, weight loss supplements, microbiome supplements and immune-boosting supplements. Kfibre has no known allergens, so it is the best dietary fibre you can get. With FODMAP Fibre, your gut microbiome will be restored and improved digestion is the inevitable result.

We have always appreciated the need to maintain gut health but couldn’t always find the products that we not only wanted but needed. That is why we decided to start producing our own back in 2006 using sugarcane, a natural ingredient with renowned health benefits. Obviously, it is a product which is high in sugar, so from the outset, we set about reducing the sugar content but retaining all the nutritional value. The result is a chemical-free prebiotic, which is high in fibre and perfect for maintaining and restoring gut health.

We have hundreds of satisfied customer, and as you can see on our website, a good number have been keen to spread the word and help others who may be experiencing similar issues. So, if you would like more information about arguably the best prebiotic on the market, you can contact us directly through our website. We would be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have, as well as offering advice on the best supplements for you.

Free Shipping, both nationally and internationally for Kfibre 4 Pack
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Why does Kfibre improve Microbiome Health

Kfibre is a powerful prebiotic that is  made of both soluble and insoluble fibres that are not isolated or purified.  Kfibre is derived from whole plant sugarcane with only the sugars removed. This leaves a very broad set of prebiotics and fibres in their natural state for your microbiome to [...]

Kfibre – a Prebiotic for your Probiotics?

Prebiotics are food ingredients that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms within your intestines or gut. Kfibre is a prebiotic containing both soluble and insoluble fibre. Probiotics are live microorganisms that you consume with the intention of improving or restoring the health of  your microbiome (or gut microorganisms) There’s a [...]

Kfibre – why is it a positive support for indigestion and acid reflux

The short answer here is; we don’t exactly know... yet. There are many, many anecdotal reports of kfibre providing positive support for people with dietary indigestion and acid reflux reduction (also known as GERD / GORD). While we can explain the possible mechanisms through all of the existing statements such [...]

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For some background, the good Doc is a gut health researcher with decades of experience in health. Kfibre and Dr Dingle have been assisting each other going forwards as we complement each other’s knowledge and experience. Check out Dr Dingles Facebook Group Today

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