Why Kfibre?

If you suffer from digestive troubles and your body is telling you it’s time to change your diet, a complex prebiotic mix of insoluble and soluble fibres, phytonutrients and natural antioxidants can get you back on track with just a spoonful each day. This is what Kfibre can do for you.

Microbiome Support

Research has shown that the microbiome is linked to all sorts of conditions in the body affecting your health, from normal digestion to beneficial Short Chain Fatty Acid production.

If your digestion is anything less than you expect, Kfibre can help deliver the boost to your own bacteria, support your microbiome and get you back on track.

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Normalise Digestion

Everyone knows we need fibre in our diets for normal digestion and Kfibre packs more fibre punch than any other source out there. It’s made of of soluble and importantly insoluble fibre that is both prebiotic; indigestible to you, but digestible by your gut bacteria.

Try Kfibre, you might not know what normal digestion really feels like….yet.

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Dietary Constipation

As one of the most common conditions, constipation affects people of all ages and is caused by many factors. The most common causes include a poorly maintained diet (lack of fibre), not drinking enough water, lack of exercise or physical activity, and high levels of stress.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to reach their recommended daily intake of 25-30g of fibre per day. That’s where Kfibre™ can help.

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Dietary Indigestion & Heartburn

We’ve all experienced some form of indigestion or heartburn at some point. The familiar burning sensation, pain in the chest, and the sour taste in the mouth.

Kfibre™ contains a powerful combination of phytonutrients, antioxidants, powerful plant micronutrients to promote healthy digestion and relieve the symptoms of indigestion & heartburn.

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Weight Management & Appetite Control

Studies have shown increasing your intake of complex functional and prebiotic fibres can improve your weight loss efforts as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine.

By helping to normalise your digestion Kfibre will hold back your hunger, and you’ll achieve the goals you’ve set more easily. Kfibre lowers the GI of other foods and reduces hunger hormone too!

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Dietary assistance for gluten/FODMAP sensitive

Gluten/FODMAP sensitivity and other digestive issues affect people in many ways with symptoms including stomach cramps to abdominal pain, gas and bloating. Kfibre is certainly not a cure, but it can help with symptoms.

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